Online portal for london based comedy duo
the geestor website was designed to be a simple and intuitive homepage for the comedians collectively known as geestor.

the provided solution gave both the artists and their manager a website and cms system that allowed them to update and maintain all areas of the website.  features included...
  • a message board (fully manageable via the cms system to control and remove any unwanted comments!)
  • a news and events directory to provide up to date listings of the artists schedule and various events
  • a mailing list function (again maintainable via the provided cms system)
  • media management facilities to allow the client to upload new photos of past events and embed them into newly published articles

the landing page of the shop - designed as a street that the user can horizontally scroll around
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· category: media related
· skills: asp, mysql, dhtml, css
· year launched: 2003