Bespoke framework system to assist rapid application development

AdFrame is my own rapid application development framework. i have used this on various projects for the last couple of years to assist me in delivering consistently more reliable websites in a shorter time frame.

the framework is very lightweight and works behind the scenes to compile all pages within a website. its functions, when compared to many other frameworks are actually quite minimal. however, as key ideas behind the framework include speed, lack of complexity, ease of integration and ease of learning this is not to its disadvantage.

a summary of things AdFrame assists with includes...

  • a template system
  • fully automated SEO system, providing automatically compiled unique meta tags for all pages in website based on their content.
  • mobile platform detection and automatic content serving
  • css file management
  • JavaScript file and library management
  • re-usable elements that can be ’plugged in’ to various pages within a website
  • automated cleaning and validation of html
  • api functions to assist with very common tasks such as email sending

source-code for this very website! all produced dynamically by AdFrame.
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· category: bespoke applications
· skills: php
· developed between: 2009 - n/a